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Your IP, our expertise.

With Pip, IP doesn't have to be complicated. We know IP isn't the most accessible topic (or the most exciting), but we also know how much value it can add to your business. Our mission is to help you maximise that value with simple, actionable, easy-to-understand advice.

How We Do it:
Your goals, our solutions:

It starts with goal setting. Once we understand what you're trying to achieve, we can work out the best approach for your IP and give you practical, solutions-focused next steps.

We’re on your team:

We treat your business like our own — that means we’re not afraid to share our opinions and tell you what we would do in your shoes. Depending on your specific IP needs, we’re happy to work alongside other IP providers and find experts to join your team. It’s not about us — it's about ensuring you have the right resources to get the desired results.

Filling your IP toolbox:

We believe in helping Kiwi businesses genuinely understand their IP. That's why we don't just tell you what to do – we guide you through the process and make sure you know what's happening at every stage. We help you build the knowledge, capability and confidence to make decisions about your IP and intangible assets rather than having to consult with us every time.

We keep it simple:

We think of jargon and legalese as barriers between our clients and us, so we don't use them. Instead, we break down the issues using simple, accessible language — and check you understand before we move on.

Fair fees and charges:

We're all about transparency and fairness. Rather than hourly charges, we use fixed costs for most jobs — and we'll let you know the price in advance. For ongoing work, we can set up a fee system that works for you — for example, a retainer or part fee/part equity breakdown.

Building strong partnerships:

We consider ourselves part of your IP team, rather than outside consultants. We share duties and get involved, growing genuine relationships, building trust, and developing a fundamental understanding and concern for your business. That depth of care is why we always go above and beyond for our clients.

Building IP capability within your business

At Pip, we want to empower businesses to make their own IP decisions. To help you do that, our IP training provides the stepping stones to build your IP capability and knowledge. Visit our Services Page to find out more.

IP support for charities

We’re committed to supporting those doing good and offer discounted rates to charities for any IP advice they may need.

Are you a charity that needs help with your IP?